Final word: “Area majority” games are not generally my “cup of tea”, but this one, with it’s quick play time and variable set up make it a huge winner for me. That, and the fact that it is a game with good strategic depth that also plays larger groups of people well, means that it will be in my collection for a long time. 


Final word: In the right setting, this is the perfect game. I am sure that I will be bringing this game to family gatherings and youth group nights for years to come.

Final Word. This game, hands down, has caused more uproarious laughter than any other game in my collection. If you are looking for some hilarious fun that will almost undoubtedly bring out aspects that you didn't know existed in people, I highly recommend “Snake Oil.”


Final Word: I don’t play a whole lot of head-to-head abstract games, but if I were to just pick one, Onitama would be my choice. Although #42 doesn’t seem to be very high for a personal rank, it is my highest ranking game of this type.

Final word: Although Nations: The Dice Game isn’t the best “civ-building” game out there, it is one of the best, light dice games on the market. I find it to be extremely satisfying to play and I always feel that I have built up a tiny civilization in just 30 minutes. 

Final word: This is one of my favorite party games. It is a perfect blend of trivia and wagering that works really well with a wide variety of ages and players.


Final word: A game about trucking goods across the county might not sound like much, but this little game packs a wallop of fun in a short amount of time.  For a basic pick-up and deliver game, I can’t think of a better recommendation than The Great Heartland Hauling Co.

Final word: Wonky is a great mash up between Uno and Blockhead, but better than both of those games. It’s a great game to bring to a party or to end a game night.

Final word: This is a delightful, light, and light-hearted auction and stock market game, that often has lots of laugh out loud moments. It has a great amount of game packed into a short time commitment. Highly recommended.


Final word: I have mostly moved on from playing classic card games like hearts, spades, pitch, etc. However, there is still something nice about playing a “suits and numbers” game. I would recommend this game in any situation that called for a light, casual, “classic-feel” card game.

Final word: I love it when games have rather simple mechanisms that give great strategic depth. Orleans is one of those wonderful, elegant games that I keep wanting to try again and again.

Final word: Red7 is possibly the shortest game in my collection, and in my opinion is one of the best filler games on the market. I think it belongs in almost every game collection.

Final word: Medieval Academy is a delightful game that allows for some challenging decisions and strategic card play. You want to do everything, but you simply don’t have enough cards to do so. 

Final word: Tzolk’in is one of the most complicated games I own. The first time I played this game, my brain hurt, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wanted to try it again. I wanted to try a different approach. It’s not “fiddly” (not a whole bunch of little rules to remember or maneuver around), it’s just that there is a lot going on. If people want to play a deep, thinky worker placement game, this is probably my highest recommendation.

 Final Word: This is a great, simple tile placement game with which I have had great success with a variety of groups. It is possibly a half step more complex than Carcassonne, and I, personally like it slightly better.

Final Word: I’m not a big fan of negotiation games, but this one has negotiation contained in such a way that I’m usually very happy to play it. It’s super fun to look that person across the table and say, “You’re offering me 1 Blue Bean for my Red Bean? Is that the best you got? Because Ryan over here is offering me 2 Stink Beans.” Super fun.

Final Word: This is a brilliant fast-playing card game for 2 or 4 baseball fans. If I have just one other player on a game night, and he or she likes baseball, this is the game I want to play.


Final Word: This is a delightful tile placement game that often results in giggling throughout the game at the ridiculous floor plan you have built. The various end game scoring tiles make each game unique. It is my favorite tile placement game, and I highly recommend it.

Final Word: This, or “Forbidden Island” (by the same designer), is my first recommendation if people want to play a cooperative game. It’s easy to get into, pretty easy to play, but not easy to win. You really have to work cooperatively to save the world. It is personally my favorite cooperative game. The first expansion to this game, “On The Brink” makes for a really nice addition, especially after you’ve played the game several times.

Final Word: In the modern board game world, this is a classic that everyone should be familiar with. It’s a great game for families and perhaps the greatest of the “tile placement” genre. I heartily recommend this game, especially to anyone new to the great world of modern board games. 

Final Word: This is one of my favorite “main course” family games. It’s light enough to understand and play, but deep enough and long enough to feel like you’ve played a nice, full game.

Final Word: This is a fantastic, quick family game. The only “barrier to entry” is that you have to learn a few symbols at first. This is a great go-to game for the more “casual gamer”, but who would like something a little more than “No Thanks”.

Final Word: This is my go-to game for people who might be unsure about playing games. It’s fast, it’s easy to pick up, yet provides enough strategy for people who are more “game inclined”. I never turn down a game of “No Thanks”.

Final Word: If you want a smooth playing worker placement game, that is easy to pick up and clear to play, this is my highest recommendation. There is an expansion called “Scoundrels of Skullport,” which is fun if you find that you want something to give some more variety and complexity to the game. For most casual gamers, the basic game will be plenty.

Final Word: I love this game and it is my go-to game when I have a larger group (6 or 7) of not-too-novice gamers. It is a very satisfying game every time I play it. Unlike Dominion, I find the expansions to this game largely unnecessary, and more often than not I find myself playing with just the basic set, although it is nice to have some different wonder boards.

Final Word: This is my favorite game. I love that it can play so differently every time with the random set up of the cards. I recommend buying one expansion (at least) after you’ve played the basic game for a little while. It really makes the game even more awesome.

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