Red 7

Personal Ranking: #27 (2016 ranking)

Time to Play (in my experience): 5 minutes

Age Level: I think this would work for children as young as 8 or 9.

Difficulty Level: 1 (less than 5 minutes to teach, less than an hour to play)

Type of Game: Filler. This means it is a short game to play when you just have a little bit of time, or as a beginning or an end to a game night.

Game Setting: Um… very loosely, it is about painting.

Brief overview of how to play: You want to be the “last man standing”. By the end of your turn, you must be winning the game. You do this by playing a card to the center of the table (the canvas) to change the rules of the game, or by playing a card to your own tableaux (your palette) to increase your own position in the current rule of the game, or you play one card to both places. If you are not winning the game by the end of your turn, you are eliminated. Last one playing is the winner.

How many players does it play?: 2-4

Ideal number?: 3-4

Why do I love/recommend this game?:

1) Short and simple: I love longer, meatier games, but not every circumstance calls for such games. This is a great little game to pull out when we’ve got 5 or 10 minutes to spare.

2) Easy set up: You basically deal out cards and your are rolling. No extra counters or anything to sort. 

3) Easy optional rules to add: The rule book comes with some “advanced” variants that add a little spice to the game. I’ve played with most of them.

4) Surprisingly strategic and tactical: For such a small game, you really have to plan out your game pretty well. Sometimes you can get burned with a bad hand of cards, but most of the time, there is an optimal way to play the cards that you are dealt.

Is there anything offensive in this game? Anything at all?: Nope.

Final word: Red7 is one of the shortest games in my collection, and in my opinion is one of the best filler games on the market. I think it belongs in almost every game collection. price at the time of this posting: $10.42

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